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Middlesex: Acton MD vs Sid's (6-3)

Hi all,

So we finished our match against Sid's earlier this evening and I'm happy to say we won 6-3! It's officially confirmed, we are now Acton Mens 1... Not Dawid Mens 1 hahaha.

Arul and I got off to a bit of slow start and dropped a close first game 23-21. We swiftly recovered and took the second to 12, but sadly the opposition's consistency pulled them through and they closed out the third end. The two other initial matches were won comfortably in 2 straight games. Arul and I picked ourselves up in our 2nd rubber, comfortably securing victory (21-10, 21-14). Game 5 saw Chris and James lose a close 1st end 23-21 but played through the pain and won the next 2 ends without much fuss. Next up were San and Mitsugu against the opposition's top pair. They played well, but eventually lost in two very close ends (21-19, 24-22). Sid's top pair went on to complete their triple win after seeing off Chris and James in 2 ends. Meanwhile Arul and I returned the favour by beating their 3rd pair also in two ends. The final and best game of the night saw San and Mitsugu play a thrilling three ender with some very long rallies (one of which I would estimate at about 30 shots)! They came through in the 3rd end 21-19.

Player/s of the match: San and Mitsugu - for showing what consistency really looks like and for keeping a great positive temperament on court.

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