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Hounslow: Acton XD vs Stepgates (6-3)

Hi all,

We played Stepgates (Chertsey) at home today, and went for the 6-3 victory. This was despite Meldee and Angelique playing again today after playing yesterday – obviously they must have found it too easy yesterday as they still had plenty of energy left for today

Our supporter (Kevin) played his part in keeping an eye on things and giving a little advice where necessary

As we were a bit short of men players, Anil and I comfortably beat their pair, though came up a bit short against their other 2.

Meldee, playing her first ever mixed match, partnered Simon to record 2 victories, and Angelique and Fred trounced all three of their pairs, for a convincing result, and much to the annoyance of the opposition who clearly thought they had some ‘secret weapons’ and were going to beat us

Many thanks to Anil for helping out, and giving up his time sitting on the sofa to watch Chelsea wallop Man City

We have the return match on Wednesday 2nd march – which should be interesting. Anyway we’re now P5, W5, so looking good!


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