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Middlesex: MD vs. Finsbury (8-1)

The Middlesex MD team had their 1st match on Sunday against Finsbury 1. Finsbury were playing their 2nd game of the season, coming off of a 9-0 victory against Chequers. With Chris away with illness (and nearly Kevin too), we were expecting a tough match.

Fortunately, it was not the case... Mitsugu & Dave took the first game of the afternoon in three sets 21-16, 18-21, 21-11... A trend they continued throughout the evening, but coming away with a win every time! Dawid & I were next and though I was not particularly on form we pulled through taking all our games in straight sets and nearly claiming our first 21-0 rubber after going up 19-0 in our final match... Sadly 21-3 was all we cld manage haha! Arul and a recovering, half sighted Kevin brought up the rear. Claiming their first two games comfortably, but sadly dropping the last to give us our 8-1 win!

Player/s of the match: Mitsugu & Dave for some fabulous defence and retrieval and for holding their nerve in all of the third ends they faced.

Next match we will be joined by the Mddx WD team when we face our old rivals London Tigers!

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