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Middlesex: MD vs London Tigers (5-4)

Hi all,

The Mddx MD team travelled all the way to Whitechapel in East London on Sunday​ for 10am​ to play the return match against London Tigers.

Dawid and I taking the 1st rubber 21-11 21-14 and Kevin and Mitsugu taking the 2nd 18-21 21-5 21-8.

The match progressed, with San and Dinesh choosing to play all 3 of their rubbers despite injury​ and giving it their all. Kevin and Mitsugu split their remaining rubbers, losing a very close game 21-19 21-19,​ while Dawid and I secured the rest.

​ ​

Final score, a 5-4 victory.

Thank you to Dinesh and San for covering​ to allow​ us to collect ​a potentially crucial​ bonus point. I

hope you both recover swiftly!

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