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Middlesex: XD vs St. Gabriel's (6-3)

St Gabriel's came to the dome! On our side, I was replaced by Chris for his debut this season, and a new pairing with Angelique.

It did not all go super smoothly, and there were lots of tight games, but most of them ending with a win on our side!

Dawid and Niki won all 3 rubbers again and finished this first part of the season unbeaten. Curnow and Lauren won 2, losing one after being... oh no forget about it. Curnow you're welcome! And Chris and Angelique cruised against their 3rd pair, but didn't manage to close the games against the others.

Overall a great win again, one step closer to Remain.

And... again an uber creative team picture... don't get used to it haha!

All have a fantastic Christmas holiday, see you in a couple of weeks!

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