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Middlesex: MD vs All Nations 2 (8-1)

Hi all,

The Mddx MD team were playing at Twyford last Tuesday against All Nations 2.

Being Valentines Day, the team were lucky enough to have partners that dedicated their special evening to come and support us! So a big thank you to Anna, Lucy, Michiko, Laura and Junaina for all coming... Don't worry Dave, we'll find you someone for next year ;)

Thanks to the club members who came to support as well!

After being a close affair on the away leg, and missing Kevin also, we were prepped for a tough match.

The ladies (and Dava) must have inspired us and we stormed through to an 8-1 victory, with just the debut pair of Simon and Dave dropping a rubbing to their top pair. So well done team (Dawid & Mitsugu, Dave & Simon and Chris & myself)!

Player/s of the match: Simon and Mitsugu, for playing well with new partners and dealing with the pressure that that entails.

Next match is likely to be against our rivals ISO... should be fun!

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