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Middlesex: XD vs Guys & Dolls (5-4)

Hi all,

After G&D, we were up against... G&D again, this time at Westminster academy, which is nowhere close to the Westminster stuff we tourists would know about. Nowhere as nice either!

With Dawid's injury, we had to rethink our team, and came up with some surprises. So, Curnow played with Lauren for a change... hum ok let's start with something else.

I partnered Niki for the first time, trying to keep Chris going with Angelique, after they played a few together​. We managed to beat their top pair 21/19 in the third and their 3rd pair, while losing quite badly to their 2nd pair.

Chris and Angelique did the exact opposite, getting a crucial rubber against the 2nd pair, putting all their energy into it. And keeping none for the two others.

Curnow and Lauren played well again, easily beating the 3rd pair and losing only to 19 in the 3rd against the top pair, and most importantly beating the 2nd pair in the deciding rubber, to get one more win, 5-4!

Well done guys! We need one more win tomorrow and it will all happen in the final match at Twyford! Fingers crossed!

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