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Middlesex: XD vs Riverside 1 (5-4)


Just before we fight for the top of the league at Twyford tonight 7pm, let's quickly go back to our last match at Riverside, a close one again, 5-4... again!

Dave was playing his first match this year, and partnered Niki. They did great together, winning their first rubber 25-23 in the 3rd, and putting a good fight against the other pairs, even though losing to them.

Their top pair won all of their rubbers, but victory was secured against the 2 others both by Lauren & Curnow, and Angelique & myself. We did concede a game 21-5 though, just switched off after winning the first, but came back in the deciding game.

This means that we can still win the league!!! We just need to beat All Nations tonight, should be easy with your support haha!

Special thanks to Dave who did really well as a sub!

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