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Middlesex: XD vs All Nations (2-7)

Hi all,

Last Tuesday​ was our final match, and our last chance to win the league, and we... lost! 7-2

Once again, All Nations were too strong for us.

Dawid was playing despite his knee injury, to try and get a win or two with Niki. Unfortunately that was a little too optimistic, although they did a great job in the first rubber and almost snatched it. After that, it was too hard.

Tough time for Lauren and Curnow as well, starting against pro Joel Gayle and his partner who was pretty strong too. Curnow didn't​ manage to pick up after that and left Lauren helpless on court in their last rubber after being fairly close to taking a game in their second.

So, the players of the day were for the first time this year (yup, last time as well haha): Angelique and me, beating their two "non-unbeatable" pairs, and probably playing our best badminton together​ ever to achieve that! Such a shame we couldn't all pull it on the same day :)

We are currently at the top of the league which does look nice on the Middlesex website, but All Nations will take over, as they have​ 2 more to play.

Being 2nd is still an amazing achievement, so special thanks to all the ones who played and got us some very important wins: Lauren, Angelique, Niki, Michiko, Curnow, Dawid, Chris, Mitsugu and Dave. Well done Lauren and Curnow, hitting number 10 spot in the best players list, playing all 10 matches and winning 20 rubbers!

And thanks once again to the ones who came to watch and cheer, in that last match or before, hopefully you enjoyed it!

Next year should be tough, with all the teams now taking us seriously, and ISO being promoted. We will have great matchesagain for sure!!

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