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We are based at Twyford Sports Center

Club sessions are every Tuesday 20:00 - 22:00

We welcome enquiries from upper intermediate players and above. 

Please note we are not an appropriate club for beginners. 

Yonex AS30 feather shuttles are used for all club sessions.

Interested in joining?
Please click here and fill out our contact form

Your guest fees will be deducted from your membership fees if you join us. 

About Us

Acton Badminton Club is a diverse club formed by individuals of all ages and from different walks of life, who share a common love for friendly, competitive badminton. Acton Badminton Club was formed in 1978 and has been running continuously since then, becoming one of the strongest clubs in West London over the years. Acton's name derives from the Old English Ac (oak) and tun (enclosed garden), hence the oak leaf in our logo. We are a hugely social club and love to hang out at the local pub sometimes after club nights. Our Social Secretaries plan a lot of fun events throughout the year like Christmas dinner, social nights, picnics, birthdays, etc. We currently have 34 members and 5 teams playing in the Middlesex and Hammersmith leagues. We are always interested in intermediate to advanced ladies and high intermediate to advanced men's players (league and county level up) who can play for our teams in the league. If you would like to play with us please submit your details and we will invite you to join a session as a guest. Please note that if you are not a good fit and an appropriate level for the club, we may have to turn you down at the beginning of the session, but we will not charge you any guest fees. For our membership and guest fees, please checkout our FAQs section.


Badminton League

Competitive badminton leagues are run all over London and other counties for amateur badminton clubs. These are a fun, exciting and give badminton lovers a chance at playing competitive badminton without the more serious pro tournament structure. They run similar to any league based sport with various divisions, and promotion/relegation of top and bottom teams in a division, at the end of the season.

Our teams play in the Middlesex Badminton League and Hammersmith Badminton League. We currently have five teams playing as part of these leagues. As part of the Middlesex League we have the Open Doubles, Ladies Doubles and Mixed Doubles teams. In the Hammersmith League we have an Open Doubles and a Mixed Doubles team. If you would like to play for our teams definitely contact us for a tryout. Currently, we are actively recruiting ladies at an intermediate and above level for our ladies and mixed teams.


To see our progress in this year's leagues, please visit the Middlesex County Badminton Association website. 

Past Results

2022-23 - Hammersmith Men's Div 2 Runners-up, Hammersmith Mixed Champions

2021-22 - Hammersmith Men's Div 3 Champions, Middlesex Ladies Div 2 Runners-up

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