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  • When do we play?
    We play every Tuesday from 8-10pm.
  • Which leagues do you play in?
    We play Middlesex and Hammersmith leagues. We currently have five teams - Men's and Mixed in both the Middlesex and Hammersmith Leagues and a Ladies team in Middlesex League.
  • What is the standard for the club? I am a beginner. Can I join?
    The club members are high intermediate or advanced level badminton players with at least 5+ years of playing competitive level badminton. If you currently play at this level or have played at this level before but are currently coming back from a break, contact us for a trial session as a guest. Sadly, we cannot accommodate beginners or low intermediate players as we are a small club and expect all our members to play for our league teams.
  • Do you offer restringing services?
    We do not offer restringing services as part of the club. But, we do have members who are kind enough to get it done for you if you drop your rackets off with them.
  • What shuttles to you use?
    We use Yonex AS30 shuttles for all our club practice sessions and league home matches.
  • Where do we play?
    We play at Twyford Sports Center in Acton (Postcode W3 9 PP), from 8-10pm on Tuesdays. The sports centre is near the heart of Acton, situated very close to The Japanese School in London. We are a 10 minute walk from Acton Town and Ealing Common tube stations, both served by the Piccadilly and District Lines. Acton Central and Acton Mainline are also within walking distance. The 207, 427, 440, 607 and E3 buses all also pass right by. There is a free car park and dedicated bicycle parking bays on site if you wish to drive or cycle.
  • I am not sure of my standard. Can I come and play for a session?
    Sadly, we are not a suitable club for beginners or low intermediate players. If you are unsure of your level and would like to try out our club, please contact us with you information and we will get back to you. Please note that, if you are not a good fit for the club level of play, we may ask you to leave. In this scenario you will not be charged for your session.
  • How many members do you have?
    We currently have about 34 members and are looking to recruit some ladies for our team. We are also interested in recruiting advanced men's players that can play higher league or county level.
  • What kind of social activities do you have?
    We are a very social club. We occasionally love going to the pub outside our club after game nights. We have two major social events in the calendar - a Christmas dinner party in December and a summer picnic/social. Our social secretaries also organize social nights at a club or pub evening meetups. We also love celebrating member's birthdays on club nights sometimes with a cake baked by our in house baker (Katrine).
  • Am I insured while playing at your club?
    We are private individuals getting together to play for fun, therefore we accept no liability for any loss or injury, however sustained, while taking part in club activities. If you want to cover yourself against injury to yourself or others, please make sure you have the appropriate insurance.
  • How do I join?
    If you are interested in trying out for our club, please contact us with your standard and experience. We will invite you as a guest a few times, to assess how well you fit in with the club and for you to get to know us, before we offer you membership to the club.
  • I haven't heard back about my enquiry? Can I come to the club practice session?
    We generally reply to all guest requests within 48hrs. If you haven't received a reply, kindly check your Spam folder. Please do not turn up for a session without an invitation as we have s limited number of guest spots every week. If you do arrive unannounced, you may be asked to join on a later date if the session is already full.
  • How does the tryout work?
    We will invite you to a few club practice nights as guest so that you may see the standard of play at the club and also get a chance to interact with the members and get to know us. Once we have had a few chances to play with you our team captains and committee members will vote on which guests will be offered a membership. This is based on your level of play and available spots as we try to limit the number of members to roughly 36. We also try to keep an even male-female ratio at our club. Thus we are currently almost full on our Men's roster (unless you are an advanced league/county player). We are keen to recruit ladies at an intermediate and above level.
  • What are your membership charges?
    Our Winter session (League season, September-April) membership is £200 for roughly 35-36 weeks. The summer season (May-August) membership is about £80 for about 16-17 weeks. The membership fees go towards court and shuttle costs, league costs, social events, etc. Once a member, addtionally, you will also need to take a Badminton England membership (£15 annual for adult) which is required to play in the league. If you have attended a few sessions as a guest before becoming a member, your guest fees will be discounted from the club membership.
  • What if I can't make it every week?
    Unfortunately we cannot offer any discounts or refunds for days that are not played by any members. As a member we offer you the opportunity to turn-up for a club practice session throughout the season without advance weekly booking. In the event of an injury or any unforeseen event that forces you to skip most of the season, you may request the committee to defer your membership to the next year.
  • Can I play on a pay-as-you-go basis?
    No, we are a membership based club and cannot accept PAYG players. You are welcome to come for a few sessions as a guest but after that, if you are a good fit for the club, we will require you to join as a full-time member.
  • Any other questions?
    Please feel free to contact us with any queries you may have and we will get back to you.
  • What if I am not a good fit for the club?
    We cannot offer you membership if you are not a good fit for the club. But our members will gladly provide information of other clubs around West London, suitable to your level of play.
  • I have a friend who would like to join. Can I bring him along with me?
    Please as your friend to contact us directly and we will be in touch with them. This way we are able to keep a track of the number of guests at each club session.
  • How do you decide who I play with on a club night?
    We run a peg board system where every member and guest is given a peg with their name. The first peg on the line gets to choose 3 more players out of the next 6 pegs to pay a game on a free court. Once the game is over you remove your pegs and put them at the back of the line, with the losing team going first and ladies going before the men in each team. In case you find this confusing or you are unsure how to pick the players for a game, please ask any of our members and they will gladly help you choose the 3 players.
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